Health Insurance
In this fast-paced world, everyone wishes to stay ahead of their competitors.  Like it or not, the cut-throat competition demands us to be physically and mentally fit.  However, due to a busy lifestyle, most of us tend to neglect our health. In this process, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, stress and more junk food may take a toll on your overall well-being. As medical costs are spiraling out of control, you may have no option other than to utilize your hard earned money in the event of an unexpected illness.  And this is where an accurate health insurance acts as a savior. Investing in a good health insurance plan ensures complete peace of mind and makes sure that you utilize your hard-earned money for crucial events like child’s education, son or daughter’s dream wedding, a long awaited family vacation or anything you dreamt of all your life. In order to make this whole process more affluent, Financial Planning Simplified is here to help you in finding the best health Insurance and medical insurance plans and policies. Under the assistance of our sharp minded professionals, you will get an opportunity to receive a comprehensive insurance coverage and surprisingly at low premium rates. Moreover, we always strive to make the entire insurance process – easier, simpler, affordable and more reliable!!
Benefits of having a Right Health insurance Policy
Financial Planning

No goal is accomplished without meticulous planning!! Financial Planning is all about investing your money smartly so that you will have adequate funds to meet contingency outlays in future. It’s a process of scrutinizing your income, expenses, financial objectives, spending behavior, investments and loans to figure out the corrective measures to enhance your financial life. It is a complex, time-consuming journey that must be mapped out accurately. And Financial Planning Simplified is here to simplify that journey!!

We know that every individual deserves the best investment planning to lead a stress-free life. With our guidance and support, we help you in driving away all your future qualms. It does not matter who you are or what your income is, we help you discover the best financial planning solution according to your changing needs. From appraising your net worth to forecasting future cash flow, we will assist you every step of your financial journey

Being pioneers in the industry, we implement state-of-the-art asset management and estate planning tools to help our customers accomplish the dream of living an opulent life. No matter whether you fall in the high-income bracket or belong to the lower rung, we reach out to every individual seeking for a competent financial planning solution. Working with Financial Planning Simplified, undoubtedly gives you the power of choice!!   

Key Areas Of Expertise
Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a professionally-managed investment scheme that brings together a group of people to invest into equities market, bonds, and debt instruments, at a low cost. When compared to direct equity exposure, investing in a mutual fund can be a lot easier as it gives an opportunity for the small investors – to invest in equity asset class with lower risk. However, choosing the best Mutual Fund scheme that suits your unique needs can sometimes become a daunting task! Fortunately, Financial Planning Simplified can help.

Financial Planning Simplified has a strong backbone in terms of research team who will help you select the right mutual funds – from over 2,000 diverse Mutual Fund schemes available across more than 25 categories. Whether you wish to save analytically for your retirement, park your funds for the short term to make better returns, or plan to invest your bonus with marginal risk to attain inflation-beating returns – you can be assured that there’s a Mutual Fund available for all your requirements!

At Financial Planning Simplified, we go above and beyond your expectations to make sure that only the “right” Mutual Fund finds a place in your portfolio. It’s no surprise that we’ve been appreciated and awarded recurrently for our exhaustive, financial planning led fund selection procedure. We’re proud to say that we are the best at what we do!!

Services We Offer
Term Insurance Plan

What is Term Insurance?

Term Insurance is the basic form of life insurance plan that can be availed for a certain period of time or a fixed term. If the policyholder dies during the term of the policy, the nominee receives the death benefit, either in installments or in lump sum. The main intention of this plan is to keep your family secure and financially independent, in your absence.

Why is Term Insurance Plan Necessary?   

Life is full of ups and down and you can never predict what the future holds. Buying a proper term insurance plan would help you in securing your family’s future in case of ill-fated events like being critically ill, permanent disability or death. Suppose, if you are the only breadwinner of your family, the term insurance plan could save your beloved ones from the financial crisis on an unexpected demise. However, if you’re planning to buy this plan, you will be required to pay a premium, either regularly, or at one go, depending on the policy you choose.                       

Why Choose Financial Planning Simplified?    

We know that there is no greater satisfaction than securing your loved ones future, in your absence.  Financial Planning Simplified stands committed to its promise of ensuring the financial stability and security of your near and dear ones, in case life takes an untoward turn. We have a bouquet of innovative term insurance plans pertaining to your unique needs and lifestyle, thereby bestowing you the option to choose the best one!!                                      

Reasons to buy a Term Insurance Plan:
Personal Accident Plans
Accidents are unpredictable. It can happen to anyone, anytime and may lead to small and fatal injuries or even death. In such a scenario, it’s important to protect your family’s future from the uncertainties of life. Because no matter what happens – life will go on!!  In an effort to combat the consequences involved during accidents, Financial Planning Simplified has introduced specialized personal accident plans and policies against uncertainties such as accidental death, bodily injuries, and permanent as well as temporary disabilities.

To get your life back on track, we will help you prepare for any unforeseen event that life throws your way. As your financial advisor, we first strive to understand your requirements, then compare plans from top insurance companies and ultimately suggest you the best personal accident policies. Our friendly, dedicated and adroit professionals have rich domain experience across the entire accident policy cycle – right from product development to underwriting and dealing intricate claims.

Therefore, to secure your family’s future in the event of any unfortunate death or injury due to an accident, it’s essential to get a perfect Personal Accident policy. At Financial Planning Simplified, we collaborate with many insurance companies to protect you as well as those important to you, in case of financial risks arising due to a medical emergency!!  
Why Choose Us?
Vehicle Insurance
Your vehicle is one of the most treasured possessions in your life. However, the moment your vehicle rolls down the road, it is susceptible to many unexpected hazards like fire, accidents, theft and loss of vehicle, resulting in damage and huge expenses that may wipe out all your hard earned savings in one go. No matter how safe you ride, you need vehicle insurance cover. A good insurance policy ensures that your priceless vehicles stays safe and secure against any untoward event, and your costs are completely covered in the wake of any such event.

At Financial Planning Simplified, we offer specialist vehicle insurance for classic and modified cars, bikes, vans, commercial vehicles, fleet of taxis, HGVs and horse boxes. Our dynamic team will help you in finding the right insurance cover for your vehicle, without burning a hole in your pocket. Whether you’re looking to buy a new policy for your vehicle or planning to renew the existing one, Financial Planning Simplified is right here to make it fairly easy for you.

As we have access to the top insurance companies and their products, we offer you a complete choice of services including risk assessment, coverage and policy designing, optimal price negotiation and claim assistance. Our experts will first assess the value of your vehicles and then insure it in lineup with the predefined industry standards.
Key Benefits of Vehicle Insurance