Health insurance is a financial aid which is used to compensate the medical expenses. The need for health insurance in our country is increasing day-by-day due to the increase in medical expenses. For past 20 years, the hospital expenses are sky-rocketing. Common people with moderate or low income face financial dilemma when they affected with any illness.

Financial Planning Simplified is the best service provider of health insurance in Yelahanka. We offer cashless hospitalization and medical reimbursement.

Comprehensive and reliable insurance will ease a part of your tension related to falling sick or being hospitalized. Financial Planning Simplified’s insurance section offers you with terribly valuable information regarding insurance policies and also the style of insurance that suit you best. We also warn you regarding the fine prints within the varied policies.

    Health insurance exclusions
    Before claiming an insurance policy, you should be very clear about the exclusions of policy. The trick is to read your policy document well, so you will get to know the inclusions, coverage, benefits, features, SI (Sum Insured) opted by you and also the exclusions of your insurance policy. Knowing these details concerning your policy is incredibly vital and as a result, it ensures that you just have an easy claim settlement method. If you file a claim for a treatment that’s not comprised in your policy (is exclusion), your claim is going to be rejected instantly. And, we don’t wish this to happen to you. So, here’re a few exclusions of your insurance policy that you just ought to apprehend, so that you face no mess during filing an insurance claim.
    • Pre-existing diseases like cardiopathy, nephrosis, diabetes, cancer and etc don’t seem to be included in the commencement of your insurance policy. These all need a particular waiting time and also the coverage for an equivalent starts when this waiting time gets over. The waiting time for the pre-existing diseases differs for each insurance agency and will vary from one year to a few years.
    • At Financial Planning Simplified, we offer coverage for Ayurvedic and Homeopathic hospitalization. But, some treatments like treatment, stylostixis, magnetic medical care, etc. don’t seem to be included in insurance plans.
    • Health insurance policies in Bangalore will not cover cosmetic surgeries (plastic surgeries), hair transplant unless the procedure is prescribed by a medical expert following some grave incident like deformation, caused from an accident or crucial ill like cancer.
    • Health insurance policies consultant in Bangalore offer coverage for the accidental injury that happened to your natural teeth. The other kind of medical procedure for teeth will be excluded from insurance plans.
    • If you look for treatment for any self-inflicted injury, it will not be included in your insurance policy. Also, injuries caused because of suicide attempts, which could leave the person in a disabled/injured state won’t be covered in any insurance policy. Injuries caused in war are also excluded from your policy.
    • HIV-related treatments, congenital diseases, treatments for drug & alcohol addiction, treatment for de-addiction, any fertility connected procedure, experimental treatments, etc. won’t get insurance policy coverage.
    • Most of the insurance policies don’t provide coverage for a specific waiting time; it may be a span from one month to a few months. However, accidental injuries get coverage right from the commencement of your insurance policy.
    Health is a fundamental right. Its accessibility and affordability should be ensured. The escalating price of medical treatment is increasing beyond the reach of the common person. Whereas most of the population both in rural and city areas have accessibility and affordability towards medical aid, the same cannot be true regarding the people that belong to the poor section of the society. Health care has forever been a tangled space for the Asian country, a nation with an oversized population and a bigger percentage of this population living in urban slums and in an underdeveloped area, below the economical standard. The government and other people have started exploring numerous health funding choices to manage the financial problem arising out of skyrocketing price of hospitalization and changing pattern of diseases. Health insurance is extremely established in several countries, however, in India, it remains as an untapped market. Only less than 15% of India’s 1.1 billion folks have health insurance coverage. And most of it covers solely government staff. At any given point of the period, forty to fifty million citizens are on medication for major illness and the share of public funding in total health care is 1% of GDP. Over70%ofhealth funding is personal funding, abundant of that is out of pocket payments and not by any pre-payment schemes. Given the health funding, demand for insurance has a wider scope in the current scenario in India. However, it needs careful and significant efforts to make the Indian insurance market with correct understanding and awareness.