Nowadays everyone is busy with their job and very rarely we care for our health. The changes in lifestyle including the jobs, food culture, and pollutions etc cause severe health issues to people of all ages. We are living in a fast-paced country and we need to stay fit physically and mentally to showcase good performances.
Currently irrespective of a village or a town or a city, we are going through a lazy lifestyle, feeble nutrition, stress and strains and use of junk food take a toll on your complete well-being. As medical payments are soaring out of curb, you may not get any choice other than to spend your hard-earned money in hospitals for unexpected illness. This is where authentic health insurance acts as salvation.
Spending money in an authentic health insurance plan ensures outright peace of mind and ensures that you are making use of your hard-earned money for essential situations like education, wedding, trips or anything you would like to do in all your life. To compose this entire process more prosperous, Financial Planning Simplified is here to aid you in finding the first-rate health Insurance and medical insurance plans and policies.

    Financial planning simplified is one of the most trusted and authorized agencies that provide health insurance adviser in banglore and medical insurance plans and policies in Bangalore. We are the best service provider in Vidyaranyapura located in Bangalore with the lowest premium rates. Financial Planning Simplified in Vidyaranyapura possesses nimble staffs that can assist you well to get an opportunity to get exhaustive insurance coverage easily and reliably. The aspiration of Financial Planning Simplified in Vidyaranyapura is to ensure good health and well-being of people. The insurance policies offered by Financial Planning Simplified Vidyaranyapura safeguard you and your close ones from fiscal risks against any kind of medical emergencies.   By taking health insurance from FP simply, you can be assured that while you’re unwell; we’ll take care of every financial risk related to your treatment so that you can stay calm and stress- free and focus only on your recuperation. The health insurance provided by FP simply in Bangalore assures cashless treatment, reimbursement of medical bills, hospital expenses, pre-hospitalization expenses, post-hospitalization expenses, etc as per the insurance plan. As the medical expenses are sky-rocketing, the demand for medical insurance also rising in our country. Searching for legitimate insurance companies is increasing day-by-day. The solution for all your queries ends at Financial Planning Simplified in Vidyaranyapura.
    Benefits of taking health insurance from FP Simply
    • Cashless treatment: By availing health insurance from Financial Planning Simplified you can treat without any medical expense.
    • Health insurance offered by Financial Planning Simplified will provide financial stability in life.
    • By availing the health insurance schemes you will get access to quality medical care.
    • FP Simply health insurance policies provide you with a stress-free life.
    • You can save the tax by availing health insurances provided by Financial Planning Simplified.
    • Coverage for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses: FP simply health insurance plans include coverage for your pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization costs.
    • Medical checkups: Financial Planning Simplified provides health insurance coverage for medical checkup expenses in Vidyaranyapura.
    • Transit charges: you can avail coverage for your transportation bills like ambulance charges etc.
    • Hospital room rents: the health insurance in Vidyaranyapura includes the coverage of hospital room rents.
    • Tax benefits: by availing the health insurance you will also get tax benefits.
    Financial Planning Simplified is very keen to take care of your medical expenses from diagnosis to recovery. Therefore you will not feel any kind of hassle during any stage of your illness. Health insurance always acts as a shield against unexpected medical circumstances. In India, for the past 20 years, the medical expenses are skyrocketing. This had changed the mindset of people in our country. The number of people taking health insurance has increased especially in cities. Financial Planning Simplified in Vidyaranyapura provides two categories of health insurance:
    • Cashless hospitalization
    • Medical reimbursement
    Cashless Hospitalization
    FP Simply offers health insurance which provides cashless hospitalization in Vidyaranyapura. Cashless hospitalization is a special designed insurance scheme where you are not required to pay the bills at the time of discharge from the hospital. Financial Planning Simplified will directly settle the expenses. The only you have to do is to get prior approval from third party administrator. There are two types of cashless hospitalization provided by FP Simply:
    • Planned hospitalization: if you are aware of hospitalization in advance, you can avail the coverage of planned hospitalization. Each medical case takes a different period. This includes pregnancy and delivery, chemotherapy, etc.
    • Emergency hospitalization: this includes sudden hospitalization due to medical emergencies like accidents, heart attacks, etc.
    Medical Reimbursement
    By availing medical reimbursement option you have to pay the medical expenses initially by yourself. After that, we will compensate for the expenses of services availed during the medical period, especially after the completion of treatment. After paying the bills initially you can claim for medical reimbursement. You have to contact the concerned third party administrator to claim the reimbursement under this option. You have to fill the forms and should satisfy all the terms and conditions as mentioned. Also, you have to submit the necessary documents like policy documents, TPA card, doctor’s certificate, medical bills, etc.
    Financial Planning Simplified Guidelines on taking Health Insurances
    • Understanding the policy: you should clearly understand the terms and conditions of the policy before choosing one. You should check whether you are affected with any pre-existing diseases and it is covered or not.
    • Check whether the policy is co-insurance or not: it is better not to take individual insurance policy with co-insurance payment.
    • Check with the expiry period of your health insurance policy.