Want to do things which you always wanted to do without being struck into what most folks are now, Here are few things i felt that would help you

1. Minimize Expense : In reality you can have a lot of things or you can do a lot of things, When you take lot of material possession you need to pay attention to two things

A. How much it is costing you money wise
B. How much it is costing or consuming your time

Because if you want to have more freedom in life you need to spend time on experiences rather than things, Keep expenses low, Get rid off things that are costing you

2. Minimize your home loan/Mortgage Liability : Buy a 3-4 unit property so that you can pay your mortgage with rental income rather than buying a single family property which just becomes your living assset rather than an income generating one

3. Earn location independent income : Figure out a way where you can make money by operating from a location which is lesser in cost of living and still get things done for you !!

A Short &  sweet one for dasara, Signing off

Having worked several years into Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Mutual Funds & Closely with people into financial planning i am now putting my first step in investment advisory

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