Why one should make it priority to pay off the home loan early

1. Its frees your cashflow, Now you have the surplus to think on how you can spend the freed cashflow, You can now fulfill your families long due recreations; travel plans which were set aside due to stress associated in paying EMI’s

2. Helps you add more financial security, You can easily have more emergency fund parked in so that anything happens as a family financial emergency you have that cushion and ensure build a safety nets if job markets are to bleed and we face a recession

3. Frees up your time: Now you can take chances on the passion which you always wanted to take and chase your aspirations, Gives you best exit options from tiring job and also build a business around for those willing to do, As you no longer have to remember the auto debit date

4. Now you can invest: Allows you now to invest and build a passive income for yourself, As we all have to know home is a living asset and cant be considered a financial asset if you dont have a rental on it, Now its at your will to build the kind of wealth you thought for your family

5. An Early Retirement : An early retirement is always on cards for those who pay off their mortgage quickly

In these low interest regime always make it a point to use the left over EMI savings wisely to kill that biggest debt of your life “The Mortgage”

Own a House, Dont let your house own you!!

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