Reliance-Future deal 27,513 crores, few pointers u need to know

In this 24,713 cr future group debt is considered, 12,778 cr debt is there on future group, other liabilities like trade payables of 7,000 crores & another 6-7,000 crore is proposed to be paid to promoters biyani an family, these are just tentative figures i am giving

Acquisition of retail, wholesale warehouse & other logistic business of future group will
be taken over by reliance retail company

Reliance retail ventures limited & reliance retail fashion life style limited a subsidary of reliance retail venture, no surprise if yoi here these two names in ipo market shortly

Out of this 27,513 cr Reliance retail fashion limited might end up acquiring 6.09% stake which is 1,200 cr in future enterprises limited, RRFLL will invest 1,200 cr in preferential issues of future enterprise & 400 cr in equity warrants suming it up to approx 2,800 cr

Future group retail & wholesale business will go to reliance retail & fashion limited, future group logistics and warehousing business will go to Reliance retail ventures limited

There will be a direct battle between reliance retail & amazon going forward

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