Today I will share you a few steps, Though might look simple but if followed will ensure you don’t check that text that says *Salary got Credited* every month

1 Admit : Acknowledge that you are the one who has created this situation of living paycheck to paycheck, No more excuses & encourage yourself now that you are going to get out of this situation, This is definitely important step

2. Budget : Become consciously aware of where you money goes, Use different free application to track on where you are spending and also income streams if there are any, You can use an app like Expense Manager or any other app which you are comfortable, But ensure you enter every rupee going out or coming in

3. A new Practice : Going further develop a new way of thinking, Start developing an habit on saying No for things which are never a need but are disguised as a need, Pay bills on time as & when they appear in front of you

4. Curtail : Downsize expense on the kind of place, an apartment or a house you live in, if you are living on rent, Ensure you have a small car rather than one where in you want to flash you status, Try to curtail the price in everything you buy as new, While subscribing TV packages internet services, Let the thought of curtailing or negotiating on price come first

5. Set Goals : Make some decisions, If in debt how to come out of debt, If not in debt how to start saving money, If saved enough for emergency, how to start investing and where to invest, Be in touch with people who talk on setting goals and prepare plans for you, Include a Financial Advisor in your friend circle

6. Review your goals : Intervene in your goals once in a year and update any changes in your income pattern lifestyle or debt to your financial advisor, Any recurring expense which got added with a pleasant surprise like welcoming a baby or elders moving in with you

7. Show Gratitude : By following above steps and achieving desired results, Appreciate yourself, Thank your family on supporting you to break this cycle of paycheck to paycheck living, A little appreciation to self and that self in you itself will definitely start focusing towards bigger goals

Having worked several years into Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Mutual Funds & Closely with people into financial planning i am now putting my first step in investment advisory

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