How smart people get financial planning into all aspects of their life, Having a kid brings enormous joy in once family, It also comes with important responsibilities, Here I am listing a few things which either you as a father can tell to your spouse or herself can implement

1. Only buy what you need: Do not start searching on internet what you need to buy for your kid, You will get a big list of lot of unnecessary stuff which one goes accumulating, Approach a mother who is smart in picking the needy stuff the basic ones and list it down

2. Buy Second hand items: This time an internet search will help you to get the stuff like kid walker or the bicycle or a tricycle for half a price, I Still remember getting the kid walker gifted by my friend, When your baby can’t make out what’s new and old, You definitely can save money here

3. Budget: Become consciously aware of the changes in your cash flow after having baby additional money you now need or the expense which has added up, Find a source to either get some extra money coming in or cut down non essentials, Do this with your partner so that both of you are on same page

4. Don’t rush buying baby clothes : Don’t buy clothes in bulk, go slow in buying clothes which also helps the fit as baby grows a bulk purchase of clothes very soon becomes useless once the size doesn’t fit

Its time spent with your baby rather than things spent which will last forever 🙂

Having worked several years into Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Mutual Funds & Closely with people into financial planning i am now putting my first step in investment advisory

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