I have seen people often complaining on poor peeformace of their investment, Its very important to understand that one needs to be disciplined enough in their investment journey to gain success in investment, Its important to understand that there is no loss or no gain on your investment till you redeem them, Redemption of investments specially equities like mutual funds or stocks have to be done as you are nearing to your goal, Frequent interventions, Checking daily values of your investment will only make you loose focus on your goals and you will be out of your investment, Another reason of loosing the track is lack of liquidity, Many people commit to invest more money than they can really afford at beginning and often get into trouble, You need to properly analyze your income and expenses before getting committed to an investment, Its always advisable to have enough liquidity to back upon during emergencies, So that you use the liquid money rather than take out investments

Having worked several years into Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Mutual Funds & Closely with people into financial planning i am now putting my first step in investment advisory

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