Health Insurance the need of the hour!!

There are certain things about Health Insurance which people realize at a very later stages of their life, If you are having a health insurance in the form of a group medi claim policy provided by the company Its really great!! These policies have the health insurance cover from Day 1 till?? How long, Till you are employed with the organization, Once a person moves out of an organization it’s not necessary for another organization to provide the same facilities of a medi claim policy like the previous one

Remember Health Insurance Policies which are taken for self & family outside of your organization are retail health insurance, these policies are to be taken on priority with no delay, these are the policies which will remain with you when you are out of job or when you retire, Health Insurance Policies come with no cover ceasing Age it means you can renew them throughout life

Unlike Employer provided medical insurance policies Retail policies comes with certain terms & conditions

For Example Medical Adversities like Hernia, Cataract, Kidney stone & few more are termed as Specific Diseases which are not covered during first two years of a health insurance policies, Also most of the retail policies tend to decline health insurance proposals if they find a person Diabetic

You might have now realized by now what am I trying to say in this??

It’s Simple, Take health Insurance Policy with Adequate Cover of 25-30 lakhs or even more if you can afford, Don’t evaluate cover at today’s cost, Inflate it to a tenure 20-25 years once you reach 60+

When you buy health insurance early you will cross all the waiting periods imposed by health insurer & your health policy will be active on a full fledge after 3 renewals till rest of your life until renewed, It’s better to take this as priority, You can contact us, we will make you a through understanding of terms & conditions and also claim process

Moreover Do you think any of your savings or investments will reach the desired goal if a critical illness strikes in!! Think about it

Having worked several years into Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Mutual Funds & Closely with people into financial planning i am now putting my first step in investment advisory

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